Response rate calculator

Calculate your email, SMS or survey reply rate instantly with our response rate calculator

How to use our response rate calculator

Determining the open or reply rate of your surveys and communications is critical to the success of your campaigns.

To determine the average response rate of any survey or email campaign with our reply rate calculator, follow these instructions:

  • Step #1: Once your campaign is complete, determine the number of people you successfully contacted. How many surveys or emails did you send? Enter this number into the “Users/Sent Messages” field.

  • Step #2: Next, determine how many of these users opened your message and place this figure into the “Opened” field.

  • Step #3: Finally, fill in the number of people who responded to your message and enter this data into the “Replied” field.

Click the green button and allow our tool to calculate your reply rate.

Once our free response rate calculator is done calculating, you will be provided with the following metrics:

  • Open Rate: This is the overall percentage of users who opened your message.

  • Overall Reply Rate: This is the overall percentage of users who replied to your message.

  • Opened to Replied Ratio: This is the total percentage of users who replied to your message out of those who opened it.

Why you should use the response rate calculator

Our email and survey response calculator provides fast results and is exceptionally easy to use. Plus, it is entirely free. If your business is looking for an accurate tool to calculate the number of email/SMS interactions, our calculator is a great choice.
However, Touchpoint and TextMagic both offer automatic open and reply rate reporting directly inside the campaign modules.

Benefits of using our free response rate calculator

Here are the main benefits of using our response rate calculator:

  • Insight into the success of your campaign based on engagement vs. the number of respondents;

  • Insight into the habits and engagement rates of your customers;

  • Insight into survey response rate and completion rate;

  • Number of unique email/SMS opens vs. the number of completed surveys;

  • Information on what types of campaigns work best for your customers.

What does response rate mean?

Response rate refers to the number of people who saw or responded to an SMS, email, or survey campaign. It is relevant to conversion rate optimization (CRO) because it shows how many people have taken action based on your marketing campaigns.

How to improve your reply, click, or open rate?

There are many different ways that you can improve your response rate and entice your customers to both view and respond to your messages. Some of the best methods to increase the reply rate for SMS, email, or survey campaigns include:

  • Personalizing your invitations;

  • Requesting customer feedback to increase engagement;

  • Keeping your invitations short and to-the-point;

  • Targeting the right audience;

  • Creating exciting and engaging subject lines and messages;

  • Keeping your surveys easy to complete and easy to understand.

Why we built this tool

There is little point in implementing any campaign if you can’t correctly measure its results. Our free response rate calculator helps you compare the number of emails or SMS sent to the number of unique opens with no margin of error.

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